Diabetes Test Strips

Selling Diabetic Test Strips


Majority of diabetic people have no idea that they can actually sell diabetic test strips that they have for cash so instead they tend to throw them away or stock the strips somewhere to be forgotten. But those that actually know that they can sell test strips sell them for varying reasons. A lot of them get their diabetic strips delivered by mail order and companies tend to send more diabetic test strips than needed thus leaving a couple of boxes unopened. Others don't require as many as they thought they need due to a significant change in testing requirements; this can happen if the doctor changed the prescription to a whole different brand, the patient does not need to test as often as before or for some reason they don't need testing of any sort and more.


Why should they sell their diabetic test strips?


There are a ton of other reasons why you would want to sell them, but bottom line you will be able to earn some cash for test strips and help out another diabetic in the process. Even dealers out their purchase diabetic test strips for their own reasons buy mostly because they also get to earn a few more dollars. Meanwhile, some dealers do it to help diabetics while earning a small amount of money; some diabetics are not able to afford diabetic test strips at full price when they're  forced to purchase from a pharmacy since their insurance do not cover the cost.


Many are not able to afford the full price because of the lack of any kind of insurance. Regardless of the case, no matter who you sell the diabetic test strips to, it will get in the hands of people who need them at a considerable discount.  Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMMpeLLgdgY to understand more about test strips.


Who will purchase the extra diabetic test strips?


Numerous trustworthy who buys test strips buyers are available online, you can easily mail the diabetic test strips to their address and receive the payment. You'll be able to find buyers who are willing to pay from $2 to $10 a box; some are even willing to go up to double the original amount. It only takes a couple of minutes to search online and find a number of companies or individuals who will definitely purchase the diabetic test strips. Also, there are even those that will reimburse the entire shipping cost. Keep in mind that the strips that you sell to companies or individuals need to be in unopened and undamaged boxes. The diabetic test strips should also be not out of date, ideally six months or more from the stated expiration date.